Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tanya, a Speech Language Pathologist, offers her Top 10 List

I work as a speech-language pathologist with the birth-5 population, both in children's homes as well as in a severe classroom in an integrated preschool.

iCommunicate for iPad - Grembe Inc.

ArtikPix - Full - RinnApps

SoundingBoard - AbleNet

Speech with Milo: Verbs - Doonan Speech Therapy (By far my favorite app for verbs, as it goes beyond just showing a picture and shows Milo actually doing the actions.)

Wheels on the Bus HD - Duck Duck Moose

iTouchiLearn Words for Preschool Kids - Staytoooned

Cookie Doodle - Shoe The Goose

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad - Ted Conley

My Underwear - Thumb Arcade (great for extending length of utterance, compare/contrast, descriptive vocabulary etc.)

Story_Builder - Mobile Education Tools

Hope this is helpful!


Thanks Tanya.  I will be downloading a few of those apps this evening.


  1. My son has ataxia and his touch-to-choose skill is not solid enough to enable him to use iPad effectively. But with the help of my nephew, we created an app that will let him practice that skill. It allows you to customize choice boards with different levels of visual/cognitive clarity. It is a very simple and elegant app with nothing fancy. And it's free. I invite you to check it out and experiment with it. We will be working on more features for future version. And please spread the word if you think someone can benefit from it!

  2. Which app are you talking about? I found ChoiceBoard Maker this weekend and it sounds similar.

  3. Jason's mom - I think she posted the video of your son using that program very early in the history of the blog. I was expecially interested because I noticed it uses music to motivate the choice and my daughter is motivated by music over anything else. (Cognatively she's at about 9 months.)

    Where can we find this app? I haven't yet noticed it in the app store and I am definately interested!