Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Productivity App that I LOVE to keep track of everything

I usually do not review productivity apps but the best .99 cents I ever spent was on a new app called Penultimate - Cocoa Box Design LLC  It is a basic note pad using your finger as a pencil to create notebooks.  I have downloaded numerous apps in the past that were similiar but this is just so much easier.  I have already created 3 different notebooks with my simple things to do lists and I am actually getting them marked off.  The main notebook is all the visits I need to reschedule because of the snow!!!!  Much cheaper than the 30 notebooks I have somewhere with one page used in each with my old lists.   Are there any other productivity apps that you prefer?

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  1. On my iphone, (but I think both apps are on the ipad) I really like pocket informant, you can try the trial version and then export your data to the full monty, they have improved it's reliability so much recently. You have your calendar, which each member of your family can be colour co-ordinated, set time you want to be your day,... my favourite feature is on their tasks manager, you have have projects and order which steps first so you don't get stummped and can brake a huge or difficult task in to baby steps... my favourite feature is that one of my projects is Shopping for-example and each store is a "Context" so When go to town, and in a store, I can look up all the things in the store which is Super, save so many, oh I forgot....

    The other one I think it's called Grocery gadget, when you can scan the items on like your i phone and add them when making your grocery list, and it remembers the order you checked them off in the store so when you go round like the next time, it presents them to you in that order... I love it as if something runs out, I scan the barcode and it's added, so easy.

    I love your blog by the way, we're hoping to get Oatie an Ipad soon, we've never had an Ipad...