Monday, January 10, 2011

A Mom Suggests My Medical App

This is what one of our readers has to say about My Medical for iPad - Steven Chaitoff  "I have tried a few but the My Medical app is the best so far! You can keep a very thorough list of doc, meds, hospitalizations, procedures and more! It does take time to put the info in but worth it! Michael had surgery yesterday and it was awesome just to pull up the app instead of recite a millions meds, doses, times and diagnosis's!"

Has anyone tried this or any other medical organizing apps?

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  1. Here's what we do for David's info.

    He has a mini backpack "go bag" that is with him wherever he goes. Basically, it's a diaper bag with a pocket for his Diastat (emergency seizure med) and his "911 packet"

    The "911 packet" is four pieces of paper folded up inside a sandwich sized Ziploc bag. (It's a SMALL backpack!) So here are the pages:

    1. (in HUGE font) Basic Medical Info - Full name, DOB, allergies list (or in D's case, the fact that he has none), and a list of his diagnoses.

    2. a full med list and schedule, including times, amounts, and strengths. This sheet also includes his tube feeding schedule and amounts

    3. a list of doctors and their phone numbers.

    4. a copy of D's adoption decree. We fostered David and then adopted him. I like to keep a paper that shows we do have the power to make his medical decisions now.

    I checked out the My Medical app on iTunes and it looks really comprhensive. My hesitation, for me, would be the ability to hand the nurse, dr, emt, etc the piece of paper. That has come in handy.