Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Occupational Therapist Recommendations for Apps

Another Occupational Therapist top ten list of apps:

Alphabet Tracing - Oncilla Technologies Inc I love using this with my handwriting kiddos for fine motor skills, letter formation and identification.

Alphabet Song - Oscar's Apps One of my really autistic kiddos will sit and look and touch the highlighted letter and really attend to this app. This app helps with letter identification and recognition. ( I cannot tell you how many handwriting referrals I get and the child cannot identify the letters of the alphabet.

Virtuoso Piano Free 3 - Peter Nagy for cause and effect for my more severe and profound students. For my students with fine motor difficulties it is great for finger individuation and isolation.

Talking Carl - Awyse great for increasing a Childs vocalizations and verbalizations.

Wheels on the Bus HD - Duck Duck Moose by duck duck moose (love all their apps, itsy bitsy spider and baa baa black sheep) interactive music and cause and effect.

TapSpeak Button for iPad - Ted Conley Great for letting non verbal students choose activities and communicate. It is a BIG MAC on the Ipad. (could be used in so many different ways).

Pocket Pond HD - JOHN MOFFETT cause and effect (my multiply impaired kids LOVE THIS!

Vocal Zoo - iPad edition - Funny i Games great cause and effect, interactive and I love that is turns like the pages of a book. My more severe and involved kiddos are able to turn the pages.

Glow Draw! - Indigo Penguin Limited Great for my students working on prewriting skills such as vertical and horizontal strokes as well as imitating simple shapes.

TapToTalk™ - Assistyx LLC Reasonable communication system. However, this is better for someone who knows what they want and are just unable to verbalize it

Thanks Martha

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