Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Blogger... Angie with Isaac and Speech Therapy with the iPad

Speech Therapy and the Monster at the end of this book

So The Monster at the End of This Book (for iPad) - Sesame Street is a HUGE hit! We've read this book to him since he was little - but there is something about having Grover tell the story makes my kids go nuts! They love this app for ipad. It is adorable. :)

Per Isaac's speech therapist's recommendation (and with her help), I programmed a storyboard on iCommunicate for iPad - Grembe Inc. with words like cow - with two sounds for the word - like moo moo, in order to encourage Isaac to make two syllables at a time. We talked about apraxia a lot and how in order to help with sequencing its good to encourage two of the same sounds at first and that will hopefully lead to two different syllable sounds later on. Wow I'm not very articulate at explaining that. Anyways, I have storyboards now with train - choo choo, clown - ha ha, owl - hoot hoot and so on. I also am making story boards with simple sounding words of the p, b, m variety. So pot, potty, pool, pop etc. just to encourage specifically the p sound. Its just like flashcards with my voice saying "pop pop pop" etc. I'm really excited because it sounds like a great way to encourage speech that we haven't really focused on. I mean we do flashcards all the time but this seems more . . . concentrated? Anyway I'm excited.

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  1. The Monster at the End of This Book is a huge hit here, too. My elementary school kids have been arguing over who could "help" our preschooler read it. :)

    Your comments about iCommunicate make me want to dig my copy out and play with it again!

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