Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheap stand

This is a holder to attach to your car windshield to use you iPad as a GPS. It costs $7.98 with free shipping from eBay. I will try it on a few wheelchair trays and let you know. So far I just give it an okay rating. I don't think I would park a kid on concrete and leave them playing with it but I would feel comfortable on a carpeted floor so far.
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  1. I am very interested in this. We have an Otter in case there are bumps in the road. Doyou know anything about a reader? I can download books, but am hoping for an APP to read the book.

  2. might not be super easy for a kiddo to run it, but the iPad comes with some built in accessibility features including one called voiceover that is basically a screen reader. I just tested it out with the storykit app and it does work with that app. Might be worth a try but note that it does change the movements you use to control the iPad.

  3. I really want to hear how the testing goes. We have an otterbox on our iPad, too. I don't think we could use both otterbox and the stand pictured, though. I'm guessing the stand needs to adhere/suction/hook onto the bare iPad in some way?

  4. My son uses his head to activate the iPad. Is there enough stability on the stand that the iPad won't move beneath the "force" of his head? Does that make sense?