Monday, January 17, 2011

Guest Blogger Pam tells us all about her Best Investment

The Best Investment

This summer our family invested in an iPad. I was so excited because it had the potential to offer my daughter Makenzie, access to many different kinds of activities despite the limited motor skills she possessed in her arms and hands.

I had no clue the day I stood in the Apple store purchasing our iPad what a huge impact it would make in Makenzie's life!

We purchased a case from incase, a SD card reader from Apple, the invisisheild by ZAGG, and the bumper case with mount and bluetooth speaker from RJ Cooper to officially accessorized our new toy therapy tool. I wrote a review on my blog shortly after Makenzie began using her iPad on how we were able to set up the iPad with all of these accessories to best accommodate Makenzie's needs right  here.

We started with simple apps. I bought a bunch of flashcard type apps with letter, colors, shapes, and numbers. Makenzie also loves books so we found some Dr, Suess books, a Toy story book, and her favorite by far, Little Bella's I close my eyes. I also found a bunch of apps like  magic piano, vocal zoo,  the wheels on the bus, toddler Juke Box and I love Fireworks that were also a huge hit.

Makenzie reached out and touched her iPad with enjoyment, outside of therapy, for the first time since her accident. This mommy was so very proud and incredibly excited!!!

I began searching for apps that were a bit more challenging. With the help of friends and Babies with iPads I found several new apps that Makenzie really enjoyed. Sparkablities, Tap Speak Sequence, answers, rattle, shapes, letter trace, talking tom, numberland, choice maker, and Winnie the Poohs Puzzle Book.

Makenzie began to make choices, she showed us that she knew some of her letters, shapes, numbers, and animal names. She was isolating moving objects on the screen, touching smaller pictures with her pointer finger, and lifting her arm higher then ever before. Not only was she doing this with the iPad but she also realized she could use her arms to touch and play with so many other things.

I find new apps every day that help Makenzie learn and grow. Sometimes it seems like a silly thing to say but..... the iPad has changed Makenzie's life in so many ways! It is truly the best therapy tool I have ever invested in!

Thanks Pam and Makenzie...Beautiful Story

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  1. She is a beautiful girl! It is amazing to see what this technology is doing for special needs kids =)