Monday, January 17, 2011

New apps that I found lately

My Family - Ana Roca Castro, Mobile Test Kitchen  Creates a little photo album with your family pictures and audio.  You can also use to create flashcards using familiar objects, etc. 

The Monster at the End of This Book (for iPad) - Sesame Street  My all time favorite book app.  I have downloaded a ton of books and this one is by favorite.

Verbal Victor - Seed Stage Associates  I love Verbal Victor for some kids.  It works great for a kid that can reach since it more vertical than landscape.  Also I wish there was a way to turn off the swipe.  (Let me know if someone has found that option.)

My Underwear - Thumb Arcade  Just plain cute but more for a preschooler than infant/toddler.

Tam & Tao in Numberland HD - Learn numbers with Montessori - Les Trois Elles Interactive  Again more preschool age but some toddlers will like it too.  It was free.

Red Apple - Wingedchariot  Very sweet story.  My second favorite children's book.

ChoiceBoard Maker - Techno Chipmunk  So many possiblities with this app from communication, to vision, cognition, pre-literacy.  The options are endless.  Would love to hear ideas on how everyone uses this app?

Dance Star Mickey - Fisher-Price  FUN FUN FUN.  I don't know why this app has so many bad reviews for the little ones it is perfect.  Some little ones may need help but the Music, Mickey and Dance moves are the perfect combination.  PLUS it is FREE!!!


  1. I just read your review of ChoiceBoard Maker. I can't get back to the activity either. Did you figure anything out. There are tons of possibilities if that gets figured out.

  2. Someone mentioned that if you make 2 or more pages then it loops and does not stick.

  3. Thank you! I'll try it tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for the promo! Out of curiosity, how did you find out about my app?

    Also, can you (or someone) leave a step by step procedure on my blog on how to reproduce the issue?

  5. I found it on AppMiner under New Apps.

  6. Bought the my family app today but for some reason I can't get it to zoom to 2x size for the iPad. I reported the problem in the apps store, but just wondering if anyone figured out a fix for this? I am excited to start using this app with my daughter.

  7. Kristina I didn't have that problem. After syncing it with your computer try removing it from your iPad then syncing it again to see if that helps. I have had to do that with some buggy apps before.

  8. Hi, I am the aunt of KC, who has designed the app for my son, his little cousin.
    Now,this is what I did with ChoiceBoard Maker for my son.
    1) Find the object. I use 4 boxes and place a familiar image in one, a distractor image in another, then leaving the other 2 blank. Then again, if your kid has better vision, you can put different pictures in all 4 boxes and ask him to find the target object. Don't forget to put the question/target on the top of the page.
    2) Odd One Out. Set up page with 3 boxes. Put 2 identical images plus another one as the "odd one". Type the question "which one is different?" on top.
    3) Word Recognition. Set up page with 2 boxes and present 2 sight words at the saemme time. Type the target word on top. Since we need image file of sight words, I found Doodle Buddy a great companion app to use. It allows you to type text in 4 fonts and zoom and save it as image file in iPad. The whole process from typing on Doodle Buddy, to setting them up on ChoiceBoard Maker took less than a minute.
    Finally, its not really a "freeze". It's only because the app is supposed to loop from the beginning of the activity. So if you have only one page, it looks like it has frozen. Just go back to Main Menu/Create/Edit to add more pages and you'll be fine. Maybe we can add in the next version a feature to turn off the "loop"?

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