Saturday, March 19, 2011

YEAH!!!! The First Babies with iPad Grant has been awarded

I just meet with the committee and went over the applications and a child has been chosen to receive the first iPad grant.  I will be calling the family this afternoon to let them know.  The iPad will be mailed Monday morning to this deserving child and family.  Thanks for all the applicants.  Today I also received several donations to make it possible to buy another iPad in the next week or so.  The next iPad will go to a child in WV since that is where I work and the majority of the donations came from this time.  I plan on changing the criteria each time to get iPads out to serve a variety of needs.  Again I wish I could do more but at this point 'Baby Steps to One iPad at a Time' is what I am trying to focus on.  All the applications will be filed away for later consideration as funds allow. 


  1. Yay!! And I am loving the picture of one of our adorable little HPE kiddos too! Congrats to the family and especially you for your work in putting this together!

  2. That is so awesome!
    Isabella's such good cover model! :)