Saturday, March 5, 2011

R J Cooper's List of Apps and Developers of Switch Accessible Apps

Rj Cooper's List of Apps and Developers that work with a switch or in the process of becoming switch accessible:

AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard PRO - No Tie, LLC - 1/23/11 - Todd advises: "You [customers] should let the developer [us] know that it's impacting your buying decision so they [the app developer] can prioritize that feature."

MyTalkTools Mobile - 2nd Half Enterprises LLC - 11/27/10 - Bick writes "We are not going to be ready with this for a couple of months at least."

Predictable - tbox apps - 1/26/11 - Works right now :)

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare - 1/26/11 - "At present I think March/April is more likely, but as it requires so many changes it is really hard to nail down exactly."

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. - Now! :) Greatest cause/effect music player ever!

SoundingBoard - AbleNet - Ablenet - RJ writes: "Our (RJ's) new version (as of 2/15/11) of our interface/Super-Switch will be compatible. Their app (SoundingBoard) looks for and as the 'switches', BUT Steve from Ablenet writes: "The ~1 and ~3 commands have been added to our list for a future release. The date of a future release has not been determined." Owners of my current interface/Super-Switch will be able to trade theirs in for the new one for a $20 charge or can wait for the updated Ablenet version.

TapSpeak Choice for iPad - Ted Conley - 1/24/11 - Ted (> has had his apps switch-friendly for over a month now. I applaud him.

TapToTalk™ - Assistyx LLC - 3/2/11 - Lenny - "I will have a version of TapToTalk for iPhone/iPad later this week or early next week to test on which to test scanning."

TouchChat HD - AAC - Silver Kite - Dave - 1/22/11 - "We have a final definition for implementing the scanning into our software, but have not coded it yet. We won't have anything to show until at least the CSUN conference." (which is in mid-March)

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