Friday, March 4, 2011

Requested List of My Favorite iPad Cause/Effect Apps

A few parents have asked for a list of cause/effect apps.  So here is a list I used today:

iLoveFireworks - Fireworks Games

Tap Tap Baby - MoonFry Labs

Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD for iPad - Bottle Rocket

Hatch! FREE - Phodder

Bubbles - Hog Bay Software

Ladybird Baby Touch: Peekaboo - Penguin Books

Look Baby! - Deadline

My Very First App - Night & Day Studios, Inc.

iSnow-Flake - Mark Keroles

Toys"R"Us presents The Sing-a-ma-jigs™! by Mattel. - Toys"R"Us

Sound Shaker - zinc Roe

Boogie Bopper – the toddler music game - zinc Roe

Baby Rattle Toy - SelenaSoft

Funny Flash Cards - Morphing Animals - FunVid Apps LLC

Glowflies - Dancing Fireflies - Treeness, LLC

Draw with Stars ! Play with Musical, Animated and Glowing Shooting Stars ! - L'Escapadou


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