Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I wish I had a before and after video...WOW

I tried the iPad today with my first toddler. He was a 34 month old with a significant speech and cognitive delay. Due to custody issues I was unable to video tape. He has an expressive vocabulary of about 20 words of only labels like cup, bed, sock, etc. He has a limited attention span. He has played with an iPhone before so he was familiar with how to navigate the touch screen. At first he just wanted to push everything and not attend to any app. I had planned on working with the free ABA Action words and Emotions apps but we know what happens to the best of plans. He had other ideas. We both settled on a story app called Little Bella's I Close My Eyes. This tells an interactive story of a little girl dreaming. This child was amazed. He has never attended to a story with me before. He listened and repeated many of the action words. I tried to encourage him to act out the bouncing, sleeping, eating, etc. to which he responded to the first two word sentence I have ever heard him speak 'NO Bounce'. During the story he became so animated and vocal saying at least 5 new words including the pronoun 'her'. He attended and played the story three times.

The child pictured is about 19 months old and has spina bifida. He has no cognitive or fine motor delays so I had not planned on using the iPad with him. He has recently started crawling so during my visit he kept trying to crawl away from the material I had been working with. His mom said "You might have to bring out the big guns to keep his attention". So out came the iPad hoping maybe he would hold still long enough to play. He was happy to push a button or two. Tapping a musical instrument on the app Babysitter he moved his body to the music a few times then he was done and unimpressed. That was the exact reaction I wanted from a child that can explore the world on their own and does not need a toy like the iPad to play or communicate. I am very pleased with my first day. (All apps mentioned are free)
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