Friday, July 23, 2010

Carrying a lot less 'stuff'

Another positive so far using the iPad for home visiting has been I don't have to carry around so much stuff. In the picture I am using the iPad as a light box for a child with CVI. I have also used it as a flashlight, portable DVD player, switch toy, tape recorder, Big Mac, puzzle, story book and matching game. This is only the first week. I can already feel my toy bag getting lighter.
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  1. We bought the iPad a few months ago because I was soooo sick of coloring, copying, laminating, etc... For our weekly speech sessions. First I just programmed pictures and flashcards, now we are using the proloquo2go for our aac. Thanks for setting up this site. I'm always looking for new apps!

    Today, Kendall crossed midline twice while playing peekaboo barn!!!!!!