Monday, August 2, 2010

Number Crunching

Number Crunching

In the past 2 week fifteen children ages 14 months to 36 months had time during a visit to interact with the iPad. Each regular visit has an outcome chosen by the family to work on. I used the iPad with each child as another tool to help achieve the outcomes. I gave each child the same opportunity to play with a variety of toddler type apps. If the goal was reaching I used the iPad to encourage reaching, if the goal was sitting I placed the iPad in a way to encourage sitting, etc. The 15 children had a variety of diagnosis: (some children have more than one diagnosis)

     Global Delay of Unknown Etiology 4

     Cortical Vision Impairment 6

     Cerebral Palsy 5

     Hearing Loss 2

     Seizure Disorder 7

     Hydrocephalus 2

     Prader Willi Syndrome 1

     Shaken Baby Syndrome 1

     Holoprosencephaly 1

     Genetic Syndrome unspecified 1

     Schizencephaly 1

     Spina Bifida 1

     Environmental Issues causing delays 1

During each visit typical tools (toys) were used to engage the child in their outcomes prior to using the iPad. The children were then able to use the iPad with appropriate apps selected for them. They were allowed to play as long as they showed interest up to 40 minutes. I rounded the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

# of Children    Amount of Time

      5                  40 min

      1                  30 min

      6                  20 min

      1                  15 min

      2                    5 min

I had worked so hard on pretty little tables with the information and it didn't show up on my cut and paste.  Dang.

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