Sunday, August 8, 2010

My favorite apps so far

During the last few weeks I have been playing with this thing I do have favorite apps so far. I know this list will change as new apps come about. In no particular order:


Look Baby (free)

Virtuoso (free)

Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD ($4.99)

Hatch! (free)

Flashlight (free)

Tap Speak ($9.99)

iComm ($7.99)

Glow Draw (free)

Baby Shapes ($2.99)

Peek A Boo Barn ($2.99) Lite version (free)

Ilovefireworks lite (free)

Wheels on the Bus ($1.99)

Itsy Bitsy Spider ($1.99)

Fish School ($1.99)

Story Kit (free)

Lady Bug Song (free)

Little Bella I close my eyes lite (free)



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