Monday, August 16, 2010

Do I HAVE to go out and buy my 2 year old an iPad?

This was a question from one of the moms that I am using an iPad with her toddler.  My answer was 'No'.  I have not met an infant/toddler yet that HAS to have an iPad.  It is just another tool for therapy so far, just like a stander, Big Mac switch, switch toys, Benik Vest, etc.  So no child has to have one but can I see some benefits so far and the answer is 'Yes'.  The first few weeks I have been taking some data.  Nothing scientific or anything.  I did no official testing prior to using or nothing official after.  Just my own judgement call from the experience I have had with the child before using the iPad. 

The Results for 15 children with a variety of dx

Increase in Motor Skills in 6 including more reaching, sitting balance, and hand use

Increase in Visual Skills in 4 including visually guided reach, visual fixation, visual field, and visual attention

Increase in Language Skills in 3 including more vocalizations and increase in signing

Increase in Auditory Skills in 2 including listening

Increase in Cognitive Skills in 4 including attention span and more cause/effect play

Increase in Social Skills in 4 including more engaging (I was most surprised in this area)

2 children were unchanged and showed limited to no interest

I also observed a decrease in social skills with 2 children wanting to perseverate while playing and limited their engagement significantly.

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