Friday, June 17, 2011

Giving away a waterproof iPad case

I have something to give away.  A Trendy Digital waterproof iPad case but I need something from you.  I would love your top ten list of favorite apps.  Either your top 10 free apps, your top 10 paid apps, your top 10 apps related to your child's special needs, your child's top 10 apps, etc.  I hope to have all the lists by Tues June 21 and I will randomly choose a list owner to mail the cover too.  Please email your list to me at  Thanks  You can check out the Trendy Digital Waterproof case at


  1. my top ten favorites are: old mac donald, itsy bitsy spider,fish school, baba black sheep and wheels on the bus all by duck duck moose.. the other 3 i dont own yet but someday plan on it.. AXylophone, bear paint, sound touch lite, twinkle star,veggie tales.. if we ever get an ipad im sure there will be

  2. 1 artikpix
    2 icommunicate
    3 iearned that
    4 In my dreams
    5 ireward
    6 My talk tools
    7 sentence builder
    8 speech with milo
    9 Zanny Born to run
    10 See.Touch.Learn

  3. 1. Word SLapps
    2. Color dots
    3. Yes/No HD
    4. Tap Speak
    5. Itsy Bitsy Spider
    7.Magic Piano
    8.Match it up
    9. I love fireworks lite
    10. Mixeroo
    11. Popup Pets

  4. I am the unknown poster listed above.

  5. Great idea!! So glad I caught this, emailing for sure and I can't wait to see the lists!

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