Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 10 Favorite Apps for Children with CVI

I have been asked by numerous people to post my personal favorite lists and it is very difficult for me to pick my favorites because each child is different and I use different apps for different kids but I have narrowed down 10 that use the most with infants and toddlers with cortical vision impairment. I work in WV Birth to Three as a developmental specialist and vision specialist for infants and toddlers with CVI. So this list is in no particular order:

7.      Hatch! Plus - Phodder

These are probably the apps I go to most for infants and toddlers in late phase 1 and phase 2.  I have other suggestions for children in phase 3.  For infants and toddlers in early phase 1 I typically only use the free lightbox type apps along with the free flashlights.  Hope this helps and would love your suggestions.

Bridget Bailey
Developmental Specialist/Vision Specialist for CVI