Sunday, December 16, 2012

Apps just for CVI

So exited to report that Little Bear Sees has done it again with a new app My Talking Picture Board - Little Bear Sees  for our kiddos with CVI. Check it out!!!! If you are not familiar with Little Bears Sees then please check out their website . As far as I know they are the only organization making apps for our little ones with CVI. Their original Tap-n-See Zoo - Little Bear Sees is still one of my favorites for our young ones with cortical vision impairment.


  1. Sounds great. My daughter Abby has CVI but I have never heard of Little Bear. How much does My Talking Picture Board- Little Bear Sees cost? Or, is it a free app? What is the purpose of the app?

  2. It costs $2.99, it's for CVI kids who need to work on tracking. I've used it with a few students and they love it.

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