Friday, February 18, 2011

Junior's Favorite Apps Part 1

My name is Junior and I am 12 years old. I have many of challenges but that doesn't stop me from loving life and living each day to the fullest. I have so much to say but can't talk in the typical way so this blog will give you a chance to hear my "voice". 

This list is apps that we use often (or used often and Junior has now outgrown). Most of these apps have minimal background clutter and simple pictures so he is better able to focus on what he is doing. Most also have a nice response when he gets something right(clapping, loud noise, music etc.) which Junior really likes.

First our most used phonics/spelling/writing apps.

TeachMe: Kindergarten - 24x7digital LLC - this app allows you to keep track of what your child has learned and you can adjust the levels. It works on math and reading skills and is an app that we use regularly.

Word Magic - - Probably our most used word app. It allows you to specify the number of letters you want in the words. Which letter you want to be left out for the child to fill in(first, middle, last), and allows you to set a timer if needed. The same company that makes this app makes several others which we have also been very pleased with. Work on different things but all the same style which for us is good.

Miss Spell's Class - - (made by the same company who created Word Magic) this is an app I recently got. It gives a picture and says the word, the child then adds the letters. A good app for learning to spell. I think this will be one that gets a lot of use as Junior's reading skills improve.

Alpha Writer, by Montessorium - Montessorium, LLC. - This is an app I just found today and though I rarely buy apps this was worth the purchase. The voice says the correct sound (not the letter name) and allows you to use blends which it will also pronounce. It can be done in a quiz type form or as a story board where the child can create words and add picture magnets. There aren't a huge number of pictures magnets available but I am still impressed, I would love it if something like this were available but you were able to add your own pics.

ABC - Magnetic Alphabet HD - Learn to Write! For Kids - Dot Next - Another app that gets a lot of use in our house. Basically it is a magnet board. You put up the letters you want. There are upper and lowercase letters, numbers, etc.

Alphabet Tracer - EllieSoft - An app we don't use as often but still like. It allows you to trace a letter or words. My only complaint is that it says the word names but not the sounds. I usually turn the sound off when we use this app.

ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool Kids Game Free Lite - - another app we like but don't use often. Like the previous app it uses letter names instead of sounds. Junior likes it because when you get a word right all the letters get up and dance.

ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD - for iPad - Brain Counts (same name as the previous but a different app, this one has four animals on the app symbol) - Allows you to trace letters or words, says the word and has a picture with each word which makes noise when touched. A fun app for early readers needing lots of repetition. We do enjoy this one and use it occasionally.

FirstWords: Deluxe - Learning Touch - This is a great app for beginning readers. It is too easy for Junior because it is matching letters in words but for a child working on learning the letters it is great. We still do it occasionally just for fun.

Intro to Letters, by Montessorium - Montessorium, LLC. - Great app for learning letter sounds. Trace the letter and the app voice says the sound of the letter. Also has blends which the app says the sound for. Allows you to record your own voice saying the sounds.

Letter Writer Space (Kindergarten ABC's) - Barking Dog InteractiveLetter Writer Oceans (Preschool ABC's) - Barking Dog Interactive - This is 2 apps the space has the child trace lowercase letters and the ocean has upper case. A fun app which Junior enjoys.

Thanks Junior and Junior's Mom.... You all are my heros!!!!

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