Sunday, December 5, 2010

Number Identification using iPad


  1. You might want to get him a head stick. He would have more accuracy. It is hard to find in childrens sizes so last time i needed one, I attached it to a child's play construction helmet with a stick attached to the front sticking out forward and angled down. It has to be a lightweight stick so it doesn't pull their hat off when they lean forward. I put a plastic tip on the end of the stick to protect the screen a little. I got that at Home Depot.

  2. Perhaps there is a reason you've not used a head pointer yet so i dont mean any disrespect at all. But if the reason is due to size or the issue related to touch on the pad, RJ Cooper makes the perfect pointer. The tip simlply needs a small piece from radio shack to make it work. If you don't know him, he's a great resource! Simply go to And if this little guy's forehead works best for him, this is such a beautiful demonstration of his skill and will!

  3. I appreciate the comments! His speech therapist and I have talked about using a head pointer, but for aesthetic reasons--I know, I know, we shouldn't be so vain!--we're going with what's working for right now. We did try some makeshift pointers, and he didn't put enough pressure and wasn't as accurate. He taught himself to use his head as well. It isn't something I would have thought of! He is actually now using the board with 8 choices, and I think I'm going to increase that this weekend. He is actually very, very accurate with his forehead/nose/lips (he's even accurate using his forehead on the iphone). It's very amazing! I have a blog post explaining how he can navigate on his own. Haven't managed to get video though! The main problem is really the scrolling of the pages when he goes to make a choice. But from what I understand, proloquo is going to "fix" this issue on the next update. We are going to get the stand from RJ Cooper so that I don't have to hold it for him. And for what it's worth, we were in the doctor's office during this video waiting for his "loopy" medicine to kick in before Botox:-)